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Specialists in Boiler Exchanges

We offer all aspects of boiler exchanges including upgrades and conversions from conventional systems to Combi boilers. With 35 years of experience we can advise on positioning of boilers which other engineers might have overlooked.

The Professional Choice for Boiler Servicing in Wokingham & Woodley

Trading as a fully independent family-run business offering professional services throughout the entire Berkshire area, S.J Plumbing and Heating are proud to trade as the professional choice for boiler servicing in Woodley. Regular maintenance ensures your boiler is always is in safe, functional working order at all times.
We would be happy to discuss the advantages of annual boiler servicing by Gas Safe registered engineers. A typical service usually takes around an hour or so to undertake and upon completion, our team will issue the relevant safety certification if required. All servicing work is carried out without disrupting your day-to-day routines.

Affordable Boiler Replacement Service in Wokingham & Woodley

For the times where we are unable to offer effective repairs without compromising the safety of your family or employees, S.J Plumbing and Heating offer a complete boiler replacement service. We can install all gas, combination and conventional heating systems and boilers correctly and safely for your convenience and complete peace of mind.
We provide our boiler replacement service as project management specialists with the capacity to complete every aspect of the task ahead. If we need to complete structural changes to accommodate your new installation, S.J Plumbing and Heating can include tiling, studwork, plastering and flooring repairs as part of our amazing service range.

First for Central Heating in Wokingham & Woodley

S.J Plumbing and Heating is your first port of call for central heating in Wokingham and Woodley. We can complete all installation and repair work in a timely, responsible and conscientious manner to ensure your heating systems remains in a safe and useable condition all year round, particularly during the colder winter months where operational central heating is essential.
The expertise of our qualified team offers a full troubleshooting service. S.J Plumbing and Heating provide full diagnostic checks on your central heating in Wokingham and Woodley and when repairs are required, we will always endeavour to bring you the most competitive prices throughout Berkshire and beyond.

Professional Powerflushing in Wokingham & Woodley

On numerous occasions we have found power flushes carried out by other plumbers have found to be insufficient. When we acquired our power flushing equipment all our operatives attended an intense power flushing course, therefore we take pride in offering a complete comprehensive power flushing service which takes on average 6-8 hours depending on the size of the property.
As a supplement to our central heating repair and installation services, S.J Plumbing and Heating specialise in powerflushing in Wokingham and Woodley to ensure your system is clear of potentially hazardous deposits that can affect the performance and safety of vital parts. If left unchecked, components within the system can become damaged and heating efficiency is compromised,
The powerflushing process removes debris, sludge and other contaminants from your central heating system to ensure full circulation of water from the boiler to all of the radiators within your property. Discoloured water when bleeding a radiator or the slow warming of your system is a strong indicator that powerflushing is required.

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